LANSA Client Tutorial

The exercises in this tutorial cover the key functions provided by LANSA Client.
In order to show you how to use the functions efficiently, they have been split into separate exercises that are interrelated. That is, the results of one exercise may be used in the next exercise.

The exercises in this file are:


Before You Begin

Before you can use the exercises, you will need to get the PC ready. Here's a checklist:

     Instructions for setting up these files is in Set up the Tutorial files.

     If you are using a standalone PC, then you will most likely have the necessary files available to you. If the LANSA Client Exercise is not in the list of hosts to link to, ask your system administrator to create a LANSA Client Environment file for you. You can also create one yourself as described in LCE020 – Configure a LANSA Client Environment.

If you can answer Yes to all of these questions, you are ready to start using the exercise.

It is assumed throughout these exercises that you are familiar with Microsoft Windows software.