3. Create and Run Queries

Before you create a query to retrieve data from the host, you must first identify the files and fields (i.e. objects) that you need. Once you have done that, in the Query window, you simply point and click with your mouse at the objects you want to include in your query.

To help you more easily identify the fields and files that you can include in your query, LANSA Client displays their descriptive names rather than their "object" names. This is because Object Names are usually less meaningful. The Object Names can be displayed, if you choose to do so.

Further Information

3.1 Steps to Create a Query

3.2 What is in the Query Window?

3.3 The Files to Select From

3.4 The Selected Files and Fields Area

3.5 The Defined Links to Queries Area

3.6 Sort Your Data

3.7 Select Only Specific Data

3.8 Select Date & Time Format

3.9 Group Your Data

3.10 Summarize Your Data

3.11 Performance Considerations

3.12 Open an Existing Query

3.13 Run a Query

3.14 Save a Query

3.15 Cancel a Query

3.16 Delete a Query