6. Generate Applications

LANSA Client allows you to generate stand-alone applications. These are particularly useful


Generated applications can include any number of LANSA Client queries, giving you the ability to retrieve, update, insert and delete data without first starting LANSA Client.

To start a generated application, you simply click on an icon outside of the LANSA Client environment.

To create a generated application, you do not need to write ANY program code. You just point and click with your mouse.

Generated applications are easily distributed to any number of workstations. However, the workstation must have LANSA Client installed. You may need to purchase extra LANSA Client licenses before you can distribute your generated applications.

Note: If you are upgrading from an earlier version of LANSA Client, please refer to the notes in  6.5 Application Maintenance.

Refer to LCE430 – Build & Execute a Generated Application


Further Information

6.1 Overview

6.2 Design Your Application

6.3 The Menu Bar

6.4 Run the Generated Application

6.5 Application Maintenance