Step 2. Create the New Partition

1.  Sign on to LANSA using this LANSA command:

2.  From the LANSA Main System Menu, choose the Housekeeping Menu.

3.  From the Housekeeping Menu, choose the Create or change system partition definitions option. The System Partitions panel is displayed with a list of the existing partitions:



 DC@P400402               System Partitions                      


 Select partition to be reviewed, changed or deleted         

 Or     use the ADD command key to add a new partition        


      Sel     Partition        Description                  




  F1=Help F3=Exit F6=Add/Create F12=Cancel F14=Messages F17=LastActDtl



4.  Select F6, the Add/Create function key, to create a new partition.

5.  The Add System Partition screen is displayed. Only the entries which are underlined need to be keyed in or changed.


 DC@P400403              XXXXXXX System Partition                     


 Partition identifier   : LCX                                        

 Partition description  : LANSA Client Tutorial                      

 Module library         : DCXLCXLIB                                 

 Unique object prefix   : Q                                         

 Security officer       : DCXPGMLIB                                 

 Default file library   : DCXLCXLIB  Include in library list ?  NO  

 Initial public access  : NORMAL

 Copy system fields from: SYS                                        

 SAA/CUA standards apply? YES                                        

 Multilingual support   ? YES                                        

 Help option on menus   : Display process or function HELP text       

 Return prefix on menus : Return to                                    

 Exit option on menus   : Exit from system                             

 Keep translated RPG    ? NO  in source file ______ in library _______ 

 Keep translated DDS    ? NO  in source file ______ in library _______ 

 Configure Task Tracking: NO  / NO  / NO  / NO  / NO  / NO           

 Enable for RDMLX       : YES                                         

 Enable Documentor      : NO                                         


 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages  Fnn=LastActDtl        



   Note: For the Unique object prefix choose a character which is unique for your site.

     Multilingual Support: Option should be YES.

6.  Press Enter.

     Other screens will be displayed for SAA/CUA, frameworks and groups settings. Accept all defaults on these screens.

     If you would like more details about the entries on these screens, refer to Partition Definitions - Create, Change or Delete in the LANSA for i for User guide.

     After a short wait, you will be returned to the System Partitions list, indicating that the new partition has been created.

7.  Press the Cancel function key to return to the Housekeeping Menu.

Step 3. Use other Languages