1.5 The LANSA Object Repository

The LANSA Object Repository provides significant advantages to client/server applications because it centralizes the information about the fields and files which make up the database. By storing information such as business rules, field descriptions and particularly help text in the LANSA Repository, you will find that query development time and end user support calls are reduced.

Whether you are using LANSA Client with an existing LANSA or non-LANSA application, check the LANSA Repository features before making changes to enhance the existing application and its files prior to end user use with LANSA Client. The LANSA Repository's facilities may reduce or even eliminate many changes which may at first appear to be necessary.

How to get started with the Repository, and how to enhance your files using LANSA Repository features are included Building the LANSA Repository in the Introduction to LANSA for IBM i Guide.

Because LANSA Client uses only data protected by the Repository, quality applications to edit the data can be produced quickly, with the assurance that the business rules defined for the data will not be violated.

Rules in the LANSA Repository cannot be changed through LANSA Client.