2.3.1 What LANSA Client Help is available?

There is more than one way to get help when you are using LANSA Client.

Help about the LANSA Client software

If you want to know just what a feature of the LANSA Client software will do or why it has behaved in a certain way, press the Help button if there is one on the dialog box - or place your cursor on the item for which you want help and press the F1 key.

The LANSA Client help is opened at the page that you have requested. You can move around the help using the links provided on each page.

Help about the data in your database

The question mark help will provide you with help about the data you are using in your queries, (i.e. records and fields). To use the question mark help:

1.  Click on the icon in the toolbar or press Shift + F1 keys together. You will see a question mark attached to your cursor

2.  Click your cursor on the item you wish to query.

   The help text, if any, is displayed in a popup window. Help for your data comes from the Repository in which your data is stored. It may tell you how it is created and used, but it does not relate to any actions LANSA Client might take with it.