6.1 Overview

When you generate a new application, all you need to do is:

1.  Give the application a name.

2.  Assign a name to the file which will hold the application's definition.

3.  Choose the icon to represent the application.

4.  Select the queries to be included in the application and create commands so that they can be selected for running.

5.  Specify the host from which the information will be retrieved, if there is more than one.

6.  Press the Generate button when you are finished. This will generate the application.

Each of these steps is described in detail in  6.2.1 Generate Application Dialog Box.

Before you generate an application you must:

1.  Construct one or more queries to use in the application.

2.  Test the queries, to make sure they execute correctly.

3.  Save the queries.

4.  Have the application generation facility enabled in your LANSA Client environment. The LANSA Client environment is described in Administrator Tasks.