6.3 The Menu Bar

To help you quickly create your application, LANSA Client provides you with a ready-to-use menu bar containing a standard set of menus and commands. You can add your own commands to these standard commands but you cannot change or delete any of the standard commands.

The ready to use items on the menu bar are listed in the Menu box. These are:

Ellipses (...) after an item in the Menu box indicates that commands are attached to the menu item.

The commands supplied for File are:

The command supplied for Edit is:

The command supplied for Options is:

The commands supplied for Results are

The commands supplied for Chart are:

The commands supplied for Window are:

The commands supplied for Help are:

These commands operate in the same way as the commands described in Commands.

Further Information

6.3.1 Add to the Menu Bar

6.3.2 Add a New Menu

6.3.3 Select a Query and Add Commands

6.3.4 Change a Command

6.3.5 Delete a Command

6.3.6 Re-organize the Commands on the Menu Bar