6.4 Run the Generated Application

The application definition file, which contains the definitions of your generated applications, will be found in the APPS folder. This is a sub-folder of the LANSA Client folder.

You can run the generated applications:

Using the Menu

To start an application, click on the Windows Start button, locate the relevant item in the LANSA Client menu and select it.

Using Explorer

Locate the application file (with extension .MNU) and simply double click on it.

From the Command Prompt

In the Command Prompt window enter:

"<drive>:\Program Files (x86)\LANSA Client V14\LCRUN32.EXE"

"<drive>:\Program Files (x86)\LANSA Client V14\Apps\<queryname>.mnu"

and press <Enter>.

In this example <drive>:\Program Files (x86)\LANSA Client V14 represents the drive and directory in which LANSA Client has been installed.

Generated applications are stored in the Apps directory.

Note that when you enter a path with embedded spaces, you must enclose the path with quotes as shown in the example above.