6.5 Application Maintenance

The generated application will always execute the version of the query that was selected at the time the application was generated. If you modify any of the queries used in a generated application, you must make sure that the generated application includes the latest version of all the queries.

To do this, you need to regenerate the application. That is:

1.  Select the Generate command from the File menu.

2.  Select the required application from the list in the Generated Applications dialog box and then select the Change button.

3.  In the Generated Application dialog box, select the Generate button. You don't need to modify the application.

4.  You will be asked to confirm that you want to replace the queries associated with the application. Select the Yes button.

Your application will now execute the latest versions of the queries.

Alternatively, you could manually copy the file of the query which has been modified from the LANSA Client folder to the APPS folder. Query files have an LCQ suffix.

Upgrading Applications

Applications generated under older versions of LANSA Client may not run correctly under later versions. If this is the case, you need to:

1.  Open each query included in the application, using the Open command.

2.  Save the queries using the Save command. This ensures that your query files are saved in a format which can be recognized by later versions of LANSA Client.

3.  Regenerate your applications by selecting the Generate command. Be sure to select the Yes button when you are asked if you want to replace the existing query files.