6.3.6 Re-organize the Commands on the Menu Bar

The hierarchy level of the commands determines how they are positioned and displayed in the menu bar of the application. You can see the hierarchy by the way the commands are indented in the Generate Application Menu box.

You can arrange the levels as you wish.

Changing the Command Hierarchy

1.  From the list in the Menu box select the command you want to change.

2.  To promote the command to a higher level, press the Left Arrow button at the bottom of the Menu list.

3.  To demote the command, press the Right Arrow button. The command will be demoted one level.

In general, you would demote a command from level 1 to level 2 or promote a command from level 2 to level 1. You cannot promote a command above level 1.

Re-sequencing the Commands

To re-sequence the commands in your Menu list, select the command to be moved then select the button with the Up Arrow, to move the command up, or the button with the Down Arrow, to move the command down.