7.1 How It Works

You can run a query from a command line entered in either:


     using a command like this:

     LCRUN32.EXE <queryname>.lcq

where queryname is the path and name of your query.

When you execute a query in this way, you can choose to run it in batch mode or as a normal query, with dialog boxes prompting you to insert any variables, just as if the query was run from the Query window.

If you choose to run a query in batch mode, you will not be prompted to insert any variable (i.e. promptable) values that may have been defined for the query. If promptable values are required, you can include them in the command or in a file.

Further Information

7.1.1 Run a Query in Batch Mode

7.1.2 Run a Query Interactively

7.1.3 Specify the Host

7.1.4 What if You Have a Prompt?

7.1.5 Specify Parameters via an Input File

7.1.6 Batch Mode Troubleshooting