7.1.1 Run a Query in Batch Mode

To indicate that you want the query to run in batch mode, you need to add a parameter to the command line to notify LCRUN32.EXE that it is to execute this query in batch mode.

The parameter to include in your command is:


Alternatively, you could use   -B   or   /b  or   /B.

For example:

LCRUN32.EXE -b d:\MyApplications\Client32\cities.lcq

will run the query cities.lcq in batch mode.

Note: THE BATCH COMMAND PARAMETER MUST ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED BY A SPACE. Your query could be corrupted if you fail to leave a space after the b.

Note: If you schedule your query using a Windows Scheduler service, you MUST specify /INTERACTIVE for the scheduler's AT command. Your Windows NT scheduler Help will provide more information.