7.1.4 What if You Have a Prompt?

If you run a query in batch mode and it has been defined with a Prompt to request information, you can supply the selection criteria as a parameter via either:


The format of the parameter is:

QPnn=<parameter value>

where nn is the sequence number of the parameter and <parameter value> is the actual value to be used. This parameter is the equivalent of the Condition Prompt dialog box.

The prompt parameter which is equivalent to a Conditions Prompt dialog box requesting the Sales Country "AU" would be:  QP01=AU

If you do not include this parameter, the query will be completed using the default value.

If your query had more than one promptable value, you could enter the values like this:


This command will run the CITY.LCQ query in batch mode with:

Note: If the parameter value contains an embedded quote, such as QP01=O"PSM, then the parameter must be supplied in an input file.