7.1.5 Specify Parameters via an Input File

If you specify the parameters via an input file, you must include a parameter in the command line to indicate the location of the file.

This parameter's format is:

QFIL=<file path & name>

For example:

LCRUN32.EXE CITY.LCQ QFIL=c:\temp\city.inp

will run the CITY.LCQ query taking parameters from the c:\temp\city.inp file.

The parameters on the input file must follow these rules:

For example:

// an example input file

// set the first query parameter to NEW ZEALAND



// the second query parameter is missing so the default is used


// set the third query parameter to be 1000



//and connect to the second host


Note: If your parameter value includes an embedded quote ("), then you must supply the value via an input file rather than a command line.