9.2 LANSA Client

When you run a top ten style query, you get ten records, but not the top ten

For LANSA Client to perform a "top ten" query correctly, the records must be sorted on the host before the first 10 (or whatever number you have selected) are returned to the PC.

When you run a generated application, you are still asked to select the Host even though you specified a particular host for your application

This will occur if you change the LANSA Client environment and do not close and open LANSA Client before you generate the application. You will need to re-assign the host by opening the application, reselect the host and re-generating the application.

When retrieving a large volume of data, LANSA Client runs very slowly

You should always try to avoid retrieving large volumes of data. There are a number of reasons why this could occur. Most of them are unrelated to LANSA Client. First check that your query conforms to the recommendations in Performance Consideration and if you see no obvious reason for the query to run very slowly, contact your System Administrator.

Data appears to be missing from the query you have executed

The Maximum Records Allowed option has been set in your LANSA Client environment to a lower number than you need for this query. This option is used to control the number of records transferred from the host. The same limit can also be set for this workstation using the Output Options in the Query menu.

You can either raise the limit by changing the Maximum Records Allowed or remove the limit altogether by changing it to zero.

The HotGraphing facility in LANSA Client does not work

HotGraphing may have been turned off in the Chart Options. If this is not the case, make sure that you are using the SPR32DU70.DLL in the Windows System directory. Delete any older versions you may have on your workstation.

When you run a prompted query, you cannot select the dropdown list or specify a value

Make sure that you are using the SPR32DU70.DLL from the Windows System directory. Delete any older versions you may have on your workstation.