Step 4. Add the LANSA Client Tutorial files

Once you have successfully created the partition, you use the standard LANSA "IMPORT" facility to load the Tutorial files for LANSA Client from the LANSA for IBM i Installation media.

To do this:

1.  Sign on to IBM i using the QSECOFR profile.

2.  Sign on to the LANSA PARTITION(LCX) using the following command:

3.  From the LANSA Main menu, select Work with Administration Tasks.

4.  From the Administration menu, select Initialize Partition.

5.  Type option 7=Import for import files LWEBSF and CLIENT, then press Enter to submit to batch.

     When you receive the successful completion message, review all of the reports produced by the import to make sure that it was completed successfully.

     When you are satisfied that the import was successful, you can start using the Tutorial partition.