Step 1. Create the New Partition

It isn't compulsory to have a partition called LANSA Client Tutorial, but if you do, it will match the steps in the tutorial. In these steps the LANSA Client Tutorial (LCX) partition is created.

1.  Start the Visual LANSA Development Environment. You can start Visual LANSA from the Start menu or from the LANSA system's desktop folder. Both are created as part of the LANSA software installation.

Start menu: Desktop folder:

2.  Click Development Environment icon to start Visual LANSA. The Visual LANSA Logon dialog will appear.

3.  Log on to Visual LANSA. The LANSA Editor will be displayed.

4.  From the LANSA Editor's File tab, choose New and then Partition.

     The New partition dialog box will be displayed.

5.  Enter the following in the New partition dialog box:

Option Enter




LANSA Client Tutorial

Unique Prefix

Accept the default

Security officer

Enter the security officer at your location. This is mandatory

Module library


Default library


Include in library list
Enable For RDMLX
Open in editor

Accept the defaults.


6.  Press Create when the details have been entered. Your new partition will be created.

     If the Create button is greyed out, it could be that the partition already exists, so there is no need for you to create it.

Step 2. Use other Languages