4.7 Save the Results

You can save the results displayed in the Results window in a variety of file formats. By doing this, you can extract data from your database to update a database on your PC. Most PC applications support the Database Format (DBF) file.

To save the results, from the Results window, select the File command from the menu bar and choose either

The Results Save As dialog box is displayed.


Save as Type

Select the format in which you want to save your data. The formats available include:

MS Access Format


Excel Format


Excel 2003 XML Format


HTML Format


XML Format


ASCII Text Fixed


ASCII Tab Delimited


ASCII Comma Delimited


dBASE Format


dBbase for SCR format


Note 1: If you are saving a file in Excel 2003 XML Format, HTML Format, XML Format, ASCII Text Fixed, ASCII Tab Delimited or ASCII Comma Delimited the file will be saved using UTF-8 encoding if the results contain any Unicode fields.

File Name

Enter a name for the file. The file name's length can vary depending on the file type:


Normal MS Windows file names. For example, Sales by Warehouse.DBF


Maximum of 60 characters. This name must not start with a number or include spaces.


Uses normal MS Windows file names.

Save in

You can choose the location for the file by selecting from the folders listed. By default, the file will be saved in the LANSA Client folder.

Saving the File Details

Once you are satisfied with the entries in this dialog box, select the Save button or press the Enter key.

You can cancel the save by selecting the Cancel button or pressing the Esc key.