Installation and Upgrade

A single installation program is used for both installing and upgrading the LANSA Client software. To upgrade an existing LANSA Client installation, simply run the installation procedure.

When you install or upgrade LANSA Client, a version of LANSA Open is automatically installed.

To install or upgrade LANSA Client, you will need to request it from your local LANSA provider. Then run client14.exe to start the install.

The following dialog will appear:

Here you will find all the options and settings necessary to install LANSA Client, including:

When you're happy with these settings, click the Install button. A new window will open showing you the progress of the installation.

If you already have LANSA Client installed on your system, the installer can be used to upgrade to the latest version. Once you have the latest version of LANSA Client installed, you will not be able to modify the location of Client or to choose whether to install the Client Administrator, however the other options may be changed if needed.