Error Code: 0x6  

The most common cause of this error code is an invalid user profile or password. Check that your profile and password are correct. If connecting to an IBM i, try to sign on to the IBM i via a 5250 terminal session using the same user profile and password.

You may also receive this error code for an IBM i library list or security problem associated with the user profile that is being used. (Check the JOBD of the USER has QTEMP, QGPL and DC@PGMLIB.) Using an IBM i command line, type LANSA and if you cannot start the LANSA system, the program library is not in the user's library list.

Another reason for this return code is that the Connection Identifier in the Communications Administrator is incorrect for the LANSA system you are trying to connect to.

If you are using IBM i with TCP/IP and a LANSA Listener, see the TP job in the QEZJOBLOG for detailed information about the problem.