HTTP Error 500: Script Not Found  

If using an IBM i Web Server, check the job logs for the Web Server Instances running in the QHTTPSVR subsystem. Be sure to check the job logs for all Web Server instances relating to your Web system.

A common cause of this error is an authority problem relating to the Web Server. Check that the QTMHHTTP user profile has proper authorities and is enabled along with profile QTMHHTP1.

This error may result if you have the wrong LANSAWEB program installed. For example, do not use the I/NET version of the LANSAWEB program if you are using IBM HTTP Server.

If you are using Domino and the Domino Server is started, than the error is coming from the Domino Server and not the HTTP Server. Check that there are no port conflicts between Domino and the HTTP Server.

Perform the following checks:

Specific error messages

No error message:


HTTP User (QTMHHTTP) has been disabled. Enable Head in the configuration file. (The "Enable Head" parameter is rarely needed.)

No Images

Map or Pass parameters in configuration file incorrect.
Users QTMHHTTP or QTMHHTP1 do not have authority for the LANSAIMG directory.


Unable to process your request; Server is too busy   

Web Administrator Errors

Concurrent users have reached the maximum value that has been set.
You can change this value using the Web Administrator.


Error: "Cannot make connection to side ...."   

TCP/IP Errors

TCP/IP service HTTP is not active. To solve:
1. CHGHTTPA  (Autostart HTTP service to *YES if      value is *NO).

2. Stop and start the HTTP service using  IBM i: ENDTCPSVR *HTTP & STRSTPSVR *HTTP


Multi-tier implementation  

Cannot start any function

User QTMHHTP1 has no authority to LANSA program W3@P1100. (CPD0171 in joblog).
Library WEBWORK not found. (CPF9810 in joblog).

Unable to start router

No routing entry on the Web server.