1.2.11 Web Development Models

Web development and operation can be done with a single-tier set up or a multi-tier configuration as described in here.

To develop Web applications, you will need:


Your application development environment may be different to your intended deployment configuration.

A typical multi-tier Windows-based development environment might appear as follows:

If you are running a single tier, Windows-based development environment where both the Web Server and the Data/Application Server are installed on a single PC your configuration will be similar to the picture following. This type of install is the standard, automatic install, provided by the LANSA Installation.

A typical Single-tier IBM i-based development environment might appear as follows:


Considerations for Web Development Environments

Following are some considerations for using the Web with your LANSA development environment:

You must have both Visual LANSA and Web development licenses on the Data/Application Server in order to develop Web application on Windows.