1.2.7 Independent Windows Workstation to a VCS Master

A Visual LANSA System used with a VCS Master is always an Independent Visual LANSA System. It is  a single user LANSA development environment. It has a local database and repository. It is connected to other Independent Visual LANSA Systems  via a VCS Master.

A VCS Master is a Version Control System of your choice. It is only required to be able to store and retrieve text files.

This environment may be compared to the Visual Studio development paradigm. Visual LANSA is editing text files that have been checked out from the VCS or is creating them to be put in the VCS. The Repository is still used to contain the LANSA objects, but they are also now reflected into a directory which the VCS also has a view of.

The Deployment Tool is used to move or export your LANSA applications developed on an Independent System.

One of the Independent Windows Workstations will need to be designated as the Build Machine. See 1.2.8 Windows Build Machine