3.4.14 Listener Service Options

The Listener Service is used by programs requiring a connection to the Visual LANSA Data/Application Server. For example, the Web Administrator requires a connection to amend the operating options required for your web applications.

Specify whether the TCP/IP listener service (used for communications to the Visual LANSA system) will start automatically or manually.

Service Startup Type

Select Automatic if the listener service is to start automatically when Windows starts up, otherwise select Manual.

Connection Identifier

Specify the TCP/IP port number on which the Listener Service will be listening for network communication. This number must be numeric and cannot be blank. Any other LANSA systems connecting to this system will need to know this port number.

The default Port Number is 4545.

LANSA System Name

Specify the name which will identify a LANSA Communications Host Route record that may be used by other LANSA features to connect to this listener.

The default name is the name of the Program Folder.