3.5 One-Click Install

A one-click install refers to an install which uses predefined settings. These settings are stored in the Configuration File created when you have selected the Features and Options required for the install.

A one-click install is useful where LANSA must be installed:

You should only perform a one-click install if you are certain that the predefined settings will not conflict with any existing settings on the target workstation.

To execute a One-Click install, run OneClick.cmd from the CD setup directory. The following dialog is displayed.

Configuration File

Enter the full name and path of the Configuration File to be used. Use the Browse button to locate it if necessary.

The configuration file is created using the Export Settings button on the Options and Summary dialog. Refer to 3.4 Specify Options for further information.


Enter the password that was used when the Configuration File was created.

The file transfer and set up will commence when the OK button is pressed.