3.4.5 LANSA Network Name

For an IBM i Slave System, you must specify the name of the Slave to which the LANSA for i Master will refer to.

Specify a name

If you select this option, the corresponding value will initially contain a name that is generated by the Visual LANSA install. This name will only be unique amongst all the configurations on your PC.

You can use the generated name or you can enter another valid name.

The first six characters of this LANSA Network Name should be unique to both your PC and within the LANSA for i Master system.

The install will detect if the entered name is not unique on your PC and if so, you will be asked to confirm the name or assign a new one.

The recommended option is to contact your IBM i Administrator to obtain a unique name.

A valid LANSA Network Name must pass all of the following rules:

If you use Repository Propagation, you will need to also change the Repository Propagation name. You can learn more about Repository propagation in the IBM i User Guide.

Use this Computer's Name

Select this option to use the computer's name as the LANSA Network Name. The computer's name will be shown in brackets.