3.4.3 Common File Locations

Certain files may be shared by multiple LANSA configurations. You can specify the location for some of these files using this dialog. The host route file contains host route records which define the connection details to an IBM i, Windows or Linux server.

A configuration can use a local or a shared Host Route file. The local file will take precedence over a shared file. The default location for a shared host route file is <ProgramFiles>\Common Files\LANSA. It is recommended that a shared file be put into a directory that is not under the installation directory of a LANSA configuration.

Note: Prior to V14.1, the default was to use a shared host route file and to install it in <LANSA installation directory>\Connect. If the upgrade detects that a shared file is in this location it will automatically copy/move it to the new default location. The selection made on the 3.4.13 Prepare For Network Client Auto Upgrade panel will determine if the file is copied or moved. If Yes is selected, the file is copied, otherwise it is moved.