11.2 Visual LANSA - What's Next?

When your install or update is complete, the LANSA Editor opens with a number of options for you to explore.

For example, you could run one of the Sample Applications to give you an idea of the different ways in which you can develop web applications using Visual LANSA.

You could take a look at the Visual LANSA Fundamentals tutorial listed in Education.

The How Do I? section opens up the many Samples and Examples that are snippets of code that you can use in your applications. Of the examples included, 50 are Forms-based, and 98 are web-based. An index is provided to help you quickly find an example that you can use. Check them out before you start, to see what is available. For example, you can learn how to jump to a point in a page while the header remains in view, or set the focus on an item when it matches entered criteria, parse text to produce a collection of words from a string, create a dropdown list with a tree view rather than a plain list, how to use autocomplete and autotab to fill in values on a form and move the focus, filter items in a list based on an entered value, increase the height of a tree view to show additional data for a selected item, and so on.

As well as the Editor's links, you could look at the LANSA documentation which is always available at this location. You can also access the documentation from the in the top right corner of the Editor's window. Read about the most efficient ways to move around the documentation in 11.8 LANSA's Online Documentation.

If you would prefer to learn about LANSA via a classroom workshop or elearning, go to LANSA Training on LANSA's web site or click Training Course Information in the Education list of the Editor page.

For the latest information on this release, click on one of the topics in the Support list on the Editor page. If you are not familiar with the Support web pages, you will find that they contain information about items such as product releases, support desk tips and techniques, courses available, support contact details, demonstrations and so on.

Other software

If you've installed the Visual LANSA Logical Modeler as part of Visual LANSA you will need to install Microsoft Visio to use it.

Visual LANSA Framework

If you are a new Visual LANSA User, you may wish to begin development by using the Visual LANSA Framework. For more details, refer to the Visual LANSA Framework Guide supplied with the LANSA documentation.

Hardware Key Upgrades

Have you recorded your LANSA licenses? Do you need to update your licence? You may also need licenses for other software you will be using, such as a database license.

You are able to request an upgrade to the hardware key license using an application that is installed with Visual LANSA. Refer to refer to Product Licensing for more information.