1.1 What are LANSA Communication Extensions?

LANSA Communication Extensions provide access to TCP/IP (Sockets) as a communications method to an IBM i, Windows or Linux host. These extensions provide native TCP/IP sockets support to LANSA workstation products by exposing the sockets interface via an APPC interface.

On the host, these extensions provide a "Listener" to handle client requests for a connection by invoking the requested transaction program (TP) and ensuring the invoked TP runs in the context of the user name and password supplied by the client. On the host, each transaction program runs in its own job or process which is known as a session job.

The Listener can also determine whether the communication line is to be secure or not by enabling the encryption. By default, the setting is no encryption. This setting may be changed by selecting one of the available cryptographic algorithms as described in Security Setting.