What Is an Application?

From the design perspective an application is simply a grouping of related activities. For example an ERP application may be a grouping for activities like Orders, Dispatch, Accounts and Inventory, and a banking application might be a grouping for Accounts, Customers and Loans.  

From the implementation perspective an application forms the highest level of end-user navigation control. 


In VLF-ONE applications are used for navigation like this:



In VLF-WIN applications are for navigation in a classic tree like this:

Typically, VLF applications also include application groupings like Administration, Reporting and Configuration.  

Note that both VLF-ONE and VLF-WIN can visualize end-user navigations in ways other than show here.

In VLF-WIN use the buttons on the bottom left of the Framework window:

In VLF-ONE use this option on the bottom of the menu: