EPC141017 – Available February 2017

After installing EPC141017 you need to:


This section outlines new features in the EPC141017 version of the Framework.

Add your own layer of object security in VLF-ONE

You can now replace the standard VLF-ONE authority model with your own custom version just like in VLF-WIN.

See Replaceable VLF-ONE User Authority Model.


Control the visibility of VLF-ONE business objects in the navigation pane

The business object property Allow Selection from Navigation Pane is now available in VLF-ONE.

See Allow Selection from Navigation Pane Property Available in VLF-ONE.


Component snap-in prompter enhancements

See Intelligent Snap-in Prompter.


Page-at-a-time instance list

A Page-at-a-Time Instance List is now available in VLF-ONE.


VLF-ONE toolbar collapse/expand remembered

See VLF-ONE Toolbar Collapse/Expand Remembered.


Responsive design testing for VLF-ONE applications

You can now dynamically modify the size of your application's browser window to have an approximate idea of how it will look on different sized screens.

See Screen Size Emulation.


RAMP VLF-ONE demonstration system

The New RAMP Demonstration System for VLF-ONE is designed to facilitate RAMP demonstrations and training.

You can launch the system from the Execute Framework as VLF-ONE Application dialog.


Upload/Download examples

The new Upload/Download Examples show techniques for uploading and downloading data.


Signon user profile returned in VLF-ONE

User profile validation at signon in VLF-ONE has been made more flexible.

See Signon Component Returns User Profile.


aXes-TS2 language code

If you are using RAMP and the aXes-TS2 execution engine inside a VLF-WIN or VLF-ONE application, you can set the aXes-TS2 Language Code.


VLF-ONE JavaScript files combined for better reliability

All VLF-ONE internal JavaScript files can be combined into a single file to improve the reliability of the user's first use of VLF-ONE.

See Optionally Combine All VLF JavaScript Files into One.

RAD-PADs support HTML5

See RAD-PADs are HTML5 compliant.


Port is defaulted when executing Framework as a VLF-ONE application

See Default port set when executing the Framework as a VLF-ONE application.


Silent signon example available at the Visual LANSA Forum

Learn how a user who is logged on to a VLF-WIN Framework can start a VLF-ONE session without logging on again.

See Silent Signon Example Available at the Visual LANSA Forum.


Updated Demonstration System and Tutorials

See Demonstration System with New Data.


No WAM, WEBEVENT or Fast Part samples

See WAM, WEBEVENT and Fast Part Demonstration and Examples No Longer Shipped.


Code Assistant enhancements

The process by which Code Assistants generate components has been streamlined.

See Improved Code Assistants.


CSV separator character can be changed

See Configurable CSV/MS-Excel Separator Character.


Also see Release Notice for Customers Upgrading to EPC141017.