IP Address and Port Number

For RAMP-NL users only.

The Internet Address and Port number of the Host to connect to.  These properties are ignored if a Server Name has been specified.

Note that if you specify an IP Address and Port Number, RAMP-NL will entirely bypass the newlook connection definition.

This means that RAMP-NL will derive the licensing username and password from the Framework logon profile, not the newlook connection definition. Consequently the newlook licensing signon dialog will never be displayed.

Similarly, RAMP-NL will ignore all other options specified in the newlook connection definition, such as screen size and date format. Therefore, if you need to for example support 27 x 132 screens, you cannot use the IP Address and Port Number option.

We recommend you only use this option if you are fully aware of the potential consequences.

This property is in the Server Details tab.