Applicable to RAMP applications, and only when the user profile that will be used by RAMP to connect to your IBM i server is different to the Framework user profile.

Use of this option in end-user environments is unusual.  

Say you have defined user profile USERA to the Framework. Typically an end-user will start the Framework as USERA and by default any RAMP connection that needs to be established will also be started under user profile USERA. Only in the unusual situation where the end-user needs to start the Framework as USERA, but establish their RAMP session as, for example, USERB, would you use this option.            

Specify this option as a valid IBM i user profile, or use the special value *PROMPT to indicate that the user should be prompted for the correct user profile at the time that any RAMP connection needs to be established.

This property is in the User Details tab.