Tutorials for VLF-WIN Applications

These tutorials have been created with EPC141017 version of the Visual LANSA Framework.

VLF000 - Execute Framework Application

VLF001 - Defining Your HR Application

VLF002 - Defining Your Business Objects

VLF003 - Prototyping Your Filters

VLF004 - Prototyping Your Commands

VLF005 - Validating the Prototype

VLF006WIN - Snapping in a Real Windows Filter

VLF007WIN - Snapping in a Real Windows Command Handler

VLF009WIN - Adding Instance List Columns in Windows Applications

VLF010WIN - Creating a Mini Filter

VLF011WIN - Creating a Parent Child Instance List

VLF012WIN - Controlling Navigation Using Switching and the Virtual Clipboard

VLF013WIN - Signaling Events

VLF014WIN - Debugging/Tracing




You will step through the prototyping of a small HR (Human Resources) application. The finished application prototype will appear something like this:

This prototype will contain: