Execute Framework as VLF-ONE Application

If you are a designer and your Framework is enabled for VLF-ONE applications, this form is presented when you use the (Framework) then (Execute as VLF-ONE Application …) menu options.

It allows you to launch your Framework as a VLF-ONE application. 

Simply choose the options you want to use and click the OK button.

The options available on this form are:

Choose Browser

Use Approximate Test Size

As Developer

Enable RAMP Demo

Turn Tracing On

Material Design Mode

In Language



Create Desktop Icon

Upload Script

Note: When using the URLs option Remote you probably need to copy your Framework definition from the localhost (your PC) to the remote server (often an IBM i server). You can perform this copy manually or use your Visual LANSA IDE's repository.

See Generate VLF-ONE or VLF-Web Resources for for details about the VLF-ONE resources that need to be copied to your remote server.

A remote IBM i server also needs to have the partition being used initialized to support the execution of VLF-ONE applications. See Installing Your Framework Environment On IBM i Servers .