Visual Identifiers

When you create a filter you will need to decide on the set of visual identifiers.

These identifiers allow the user to identify individual business object instances.

When you manage instance lists with the List Manager you use parameters named VisualID1 and VisualID2 to specify (or receive) the visual identifiers assigned to a business object instance.

You can of course put anything you like into these visual identifiers, including numeric and concatenated information.

Here are some examples of visual identifiers:

Business Object Chosen VisualID1 Chosen VisualID2

Product Number

Product Description


Customer Id

Customer Name


Employee Number

Employee Name ( Department - Work Phone Number )


Company Id : Account Number 

Account Name


Department Name

Not Required


Department Code – Section Code

Section Name


Remember that visual identifiers are only used so that people can identify things and that they have no bearing whatsoever on how your programs will identify things. You might even dynamically vary the visual identifiers used from object instance to object instance; for example all premium customers get an * in front of their names in VisualID2.