Programmatic Identifiers

You will also need to decide on programmatic identifiers. These identifiers allow your filters and command handlers to uniquely identify individual business object instances.

In the List Manager you use a set of parameters to indicate your chosen programmatic identifiers:

So a business object instance can have up to ten programmatic identifiers, five alphanumeric and five numeric, in any combination. You might just use one or two identifiers, but you can also concatenate several pieces of information into a single AKeyn value, so effectively you can have many more keys than 10. 

Here are some examples of how you might programmatically identify your business objects:

Business Object

AKey1 AKey2 AKey3 AKey4 AKey5 Nkey1 Nkey2 Nkey3 Nkey4 Nkey5






Product Number






Customer Number











Account Number





Company Number

Major Account

Minor Account




Department Code











Department  Code

Section Code










Remember that these identifiers must uniquely identify an instance of the business object to your programs but that nobody is going to see them.