Naming Space Considerations for Managing Different Frameworks

Naming space issues may arise when managing independent Frameworks, especially when you install your Framework at a site that is using Framework(s) supplied by other software vendor(s).

If you have different Frameworks in use in the same LANSA partition, a name space conflict may arise with:

Framework Entry Points: Multiple independent Frameworks cannot have the same entry point names (for example UF_DESGN, UF_DEVEL, UF_ADMIN, UF_EXEC). Note: The VLF-ONE entry point UF_OEXEC cannot be a name space issue because it must not be used in deployed applications.

Filters and Command Handlers: You cannot have two different command handlers with the same name in the same LANSA partition. When creating a new Framework you should assign it its own unique naming standard for filters and command handlers.

Things named UF_* or DF_*: Generally these are part of the shipped VLF material and should not be used in end-user (i.e. production) applications. Review their shipped source code and follow the instructions to copy it to make your own version.