Step 5. Specify the Entry Point Form and Database Type

In this step, you will specify the entry point form of your application and set the database type of the target system.

1.  Click on the parameter Form to Execute (FORM=) in the Required execution parameters area.

2.  Specify your entry point form iiiEXEC in the window which is displayed.

3.  Close the window.

The Database options depend on your setup requirements, and it is recommended that you select the Prompt during installation options as required so that you can specify the appropriate values when the package is installed.

For the Database options to be displayed, ensure that the Display DBMS Dialog parameter is set to Yes:

Typically you would set the Setup Database parameter to Yes:

By default the application will be deployed on a PC which has Microsoft SQL Server database system installed. If the PC on which you plan to deploy the package has another type of database, specify it by clicking the DBMS Type parameter.


The Use Trusted Connection parameter should be left as Yes.

Refer to Database Options in the LANSA Application Deployment Tool Guide for more information.