Step 9. Add Other Framework Objects

You also need to include some other Framework objects in the package.

1.  Double-click Non-LANSA Objects to browse for the objects:

2.  Locate your XML files in the execute directory of your partition (for example C:\Program Files\LANSA\X_WIN95\X_LANSA\x_DEM\execute).

3.  Select iii_system.xml (where iii are your initials), VF_SY001_system.xml, vf_sy001_users.xml (if your application uses Framework Users and Authorities), vf_sy001_servers.xml, vf_sy001_tables.xml (if your application uses code tables).

4.  Also select the splash screen for the HR system UF_im002.gif.

5.  Lastly select U_bif985.dll and u_bif987.dll from the X_LANSA/Execute directory.

6.  Click the OK button.