User and security data can be stored as an XML file instead of using tables VFPPF06/07

Note Carefully: This feature is only provided for backward compatibility. Never use it in a new application.  

A less secure option for Frameworks with no web access is to store the user definitions and authorities in local file VF_Sy001_Users.XML.

When authority is stored in VF_Sy001_Users.XML, VF_Sy001_users.XML must exist on the user's PC. This method can still be used when users connect to a remote server, as long as VF_Sy001_Users.XML is present on every user's PC, or is accessible on the network by every user's PC.

Authority stored in VF_Sy001_Users.XML must exist on the user's PC, but can be used when connecting to a server (provided it exists on every user's PC or can be accessed on the server by every user's PC).

User definitions and authorities stored in VF_SY001_Users.XML cannot be used at all when the Framework is running in web mode.

Important facts about storing user definitions as XML:

To use this facility:

Go to (Framework) --> (Properties...) --> User Administration Settings tab and uncheck the option Store Users in DBMS Tables VFPPF067/07.