The URL to start my deployed VLF-ONE is too complex for users to reliably type in to their browsers

Imagine that the URL needed to start your deployed web browser application was:

Option 1: Create a shortcut on their desktop that resolves to the URL.

You can even create the shortcut on your desktop, then drag and drop it into an e-mail. The e-mail recipients can then drag and drop it from the e-mail onto their desktops. When they click on the shortcut on their desktop the web browser will be started.

Option 2: Create a simplified startup HTML file.

If you create an HTML file named App.htm (say) on your web server that contains HTML like this:


<head><title>My Application</title></head>

<body onload='window.location.replace("http://myserver/lansa/dem/uf_oexec.html?lang=eng");'>



Then the users only ever need to type in http://nnn.nn.nn.nn/App.htm to start the application.