Create Your Own Snap-in Instance List

To create your own VLF-ONE snap-in list refer to Making your own VLF-ONE Instance List Browser

In VLF-WIN if the shipped instance list browser will not do exactly what you need then you can always write your own.

When using a snap-in instance list browser, the normal generic instance list layout details (columns, sequence, width, etc.) on the Instance List tabs have no meaning. You have full control of all these options from within your own snap-in browser.

Your snap-in browser can visualize the instance list in any way desired (list, grid, tree, etc.).  

Instance Lists – An Example Snap-In Instance List Browser

This example snap-in instance list browser visualizes a SECTIONS-EMPLOYEES instance list as a 3 level tree.

It's method of displaying the instance list information has been significantly tailored to be different to the way that the standard shipped Instance List Browser presents the information:


Source for Snap-in Instance List Example

Instance List with more than 10 alphanumeric and/or 10 numeric additional columns