Finding a Window

In VLF-WIN you can find a specific window in your programs like this:



* Define a temporary class #VF_SY154 reference. 

* Use VL's F2=Feature help to explore the properties

* and methods that class #VF_SY154 exposes for you to use.

Define_Com Class(#VF_SY154) Name(#Window) Reference(*Dynamic)

* Ask the Framework manager to locate a window by name and return a reference

#Window <= #AvFrameworkManager.avWindow<'USER_EMPLOYEES'>  

* Remember to handle the fact the window might be found (or not)  

If (#Window *isNot *Null)

Use Message_box_Add ('The window named' #Window.WindowName 'is at position' #Window.Top #Window.Left)


Use Message_box_Add ('No Window named USER_EMPLOYEES is currently open')


Use Message_Box_show

* Just to be absolutely sure, make the Window reference null to free it.

* You should never hang onto VF_SY154 references in your code.

#Window <= *Null


This code would display message boxes like these:




Important Note:  Always free #VF_SY154 object references in your programs.