Overall Theme

Visual Themes are an easy-to-activate substititute for visual styles. They produce a dramatic improvement in appearance with very little effort.

To use visual themes you must:

Themes are intended for use on screens with 32 bit color

When a theme is selected the appearance of the entire Framework changes to the new theme immediately, including your own command handlers and filters.

If you want to use a visual theme, but don't want it to change the appearance of a filter or command handler, you can deactivate themes for a panel or the whole component by changing the ThemeStyle property to None.

When using a theme, the Visual LANSA Framework switches on the ThemedReadOnly option. This means that your read-only fields will be displayed with an appropriate read_only background for the theme, and it will override any visual style you have applied to the field. And it means that in future, you do not need any special coding to make read-only fields look different to input capable fields.

Note that if the option End User Can Change Theme is selected, any choice by the end-user using the Overall Theme option in the Windows menu overrides this value.

This property is in the Visual Styles tab.