Generic Notes Command Handler 

In the shipped HR Demo Application the Employee Notes tab allows many individual notes to be associated with an Employee.


The Notes command handler DF_T3201 is generically designed and is immediately useable with any business object defined in a VLF Framework. For example a Product, Customer or Order business object in a RAMPed 5250 application could have a Notes/Documents/Attachments capability added to it instantly.

Each individual note can be classified, and may have multiple documents/attachments associated with it (e.g.: MS-Word documents, e-mails, images/photos, etc., etc.). All the note and document/attachment details are permanently stored in database tables on the database server, making them instantly available everywhere to all authorized users, without needing additional Windows servers, mapped drives, shared folders, security systems etc.

Reusing the Notes command handler this way may add significant value to any 5250 application that is being RAMPed.

See the RAMP tutorial Snapping in Shipped Events Command Handler for step-by-step instructions.

All the source code is provided and customers are encouraged to copy and modify logic as they see fit.