Generic Spooled Files Command Handler

In the shipped Demonstration System the Spool Files command handler allows the end-users to browse, delete, or change the queue of a spooled file. They can also convert the spooled file to a text file or PDF, which can be copied, emailed, viewed etc..


The spooled files browser example for Windows uses the generic shipped command handler DF_T3101 which can be attached to any Framework or business object.

If using the spooled file convert to PDF feature, and if the IBM i does not use CCSID 37, it may be necessary to edit and recompile the spooled file PDF converter program.

See the shipped source for this program for details of the change and how to recompile it. The source is on the IBM i, in file UF_3GSRC, and the source member is UF_3GSPLRP.

Note that source code member(s) involved may be replaced to their "as shipped" state if you re-install or upgrade the VLF. You need to put in place a process to check for and reapply your changes are reinstalling or upgrading the VLF.