Allow Instance List to be sent to MS-Excel

This option allows end-users to send the contents of the instance list to a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file. If the end-user has MS-Excel, it will automatically display the data as a spreadsheet. The user can then save the spreadsheet whereever they want.

If this option is enabled, a new menu option becomes available when the end-user right mouse clicks on the instance list, called Send to MS-Excel. If the end-user takes this option, the current visible contents of the instance list are made into a CSV file.

In most cases, the column and record ordering is the same as the user sees it on the instance list.

But for snap in VLF-ONE instance lists, it may be necessary to override the uSendToXL method routine in the snap in component with your own logic, if the download is to exactly match what the user sees.

Visible child records are included but not indented.

If a side-by-side secondary instance list is visible and is showing data this data will also be included in the CSV file.

Default is checked for new business objects, and unchecked for pre-existing business objects.

This option is only valid for large screen devices.

This property is in the Business Object Instance List tab.