Stay Active Default for Command Handlers and Filters

This option defines the default value of the Stay Active option for all command handlers and filters that have their Stay Active option set to DEFAULT.

Set this option to YES to indicate that filters or command handlers should stay active even when it is not visible.

This option is recommended for Frameworks with many heavily used filters and command handlers. Using it usually sacrifices memory usage for a performance increase.

The NEVER Stay Active option indicates that when you move between business objects, any inactive filters or command handlers (i.e. ones that are on tabs that are not visible to the user) should be terminated. This means that their uTerminate methods should be executed. (Note: Visible/active filters or command handlers cannot be terminated because the user may redisplay them at any time).

The NO setting means that the Framework does not attempt to control the termination of filters and command handlers.

 This property is in the Framework Details tab.